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Project Type

Please indicate the type of the project or community according to:

Single project - One or more specific product(s) is/are shown and/or developed
Collection of projects - Overview over several different projects or product, for example a community or directory similar to us


Development Status

Please specify the current stage of development according to the following criteria:

1 - Planning/Virtual development - Ideas and digital development evolving
2 - Prototyping started - First physical prototypes assembled, testing phase
3 - First working prototypes - Working prototypes available, release to community, further development needed
4 - Production stable - Fully functional product permanently available on market, further development possible
5 - Mature - Final development stage reached, no further development necessary
Inactive - Development stopped, no final product available

In case more then one product is being developed, please indicate the stage of the most advanced product.



Please specify the approximate community size or number of users involved.


 Please specify the approximate number of active developers in range.


Please indicate if the project is using an open license and specify the type and mark whether they have a registered trademark.


Under country please indicate the main location, i.e. the home country of the project leader, the core team or the office location, as appropriate.

Start year

Please name the year, in which the project was initiated as four-digit number.

Intended Audience

Under intended audience please specify the target group of the project according to the following criteria:
End user - Everybody from school kids to your grandmother.
Advanced end user - Product will target end users, but usage may require specific knowledge.
Developer - No intention to reach end users, high specific knowledge necessary.
Other - All other groups, for example educational purposes

Project contact

If possible, please name a project contact person and/or adress. This will give anyone interested an easy contact option to the project.


Comma seperated list of keywords. You can use the title of another project to relate them to each other.

Product innovativeness

Please specify the degree of innovativeness according to the following criteria:
Radical innovation - a new technology that results in a new market infrastructure, e.g., an innovation which does not address a recognized demand but instead creates a demand previously unrecognized by the consumer
Really new innovation - a really new product results in a market discontinuity or a technological discontinuity but will not incorporate both, e.g., new product lines, product line extensions with new technology, or new markets with existing technology
Discontinous innovations - new technologies that don't lead to discontinuity in existing markets
Incremental innovations - products that provide new features, benefits, or improvements to the existing technology in the existing market
Imitative innovations - imitative products are frequently new to the firm, but not new to the market

Product complexity

Please estimate the degree of complexity for the developed product ranging from low complexity, e.g. a simple wooden chair, to high complexity, as for example an aircraft or a nuclear power plant.


Please choose a suitable industry from the list.

User Contribution

Please specify whether private persons or users are actively involved in the development.

Commercial Contribution

Please specify whether commercial companies are actively involved in the development.

Research contribution

Please specify whether research institutions are actively involved in the development.

Type of collaboration

Please specify the type of development according to:
Collective development of one common product if a community is commonly developing one product.
Collective development of several common products if a community is commonly developing several different products.
Published knowledge with some collective developement if instructions or ideas are published and others make comments and suggestions.
Published knowledge without collective developement if information is purely revealed.


Please estimate the activity level in the community or developer group from low (up to one interaction per month on average) to high (daily interaction).

Community communication

Please indicate major communication channels used within the project community, including developers and users.
Face-to-face - People tend to interact in person.
Mailinglists- At least one mailinglist is used frequently.
Chat - The community has at least one active chat.
- A board/discussion forum is used.
- Other communication channels as wikis, blogs, etc. have been established.

Degree of openness

Please specify which parts of the product are freely available:
Software - All software and other non-physical, content parts are open source.
Hardware interfaces - Hardware specifications and interfaces are layed open.
Case design - If applicable the case design is available, e.g. as CAD for download.
Mechanics - Mechanical parts, circuits, designs, etc. are freely available.
Entirely open - The project is revealing all available information.

Development driver

Please specify the main drivers of the development, i.e. the group(s) of people pushing forward the project.
Related company or asscociation refers to a company closely related to the project, for example the investing company.


Please specify the group(s) of people responsible for producing the product.
Related company or asscociation refers to a company closely related to the project or a company with an exclusive production mandate.
Please check "Outsourced" whenver an external party is paid for supplying components.

Member's position

Please indicate your personal relationship to the project.

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