AVR Butterfly Logger

The AVR Butterfly Logger utilizes Atmel AVR Butterfly hardware and open source tools to create a cost-effective, standalone data logger capable of logging various sensor values, including light, temperature, and voltage. It is highly customizable to fit your specific needs and requirements.

Logging Data on the Cheap with AVR Butterfly

For makers and hobbyists looking for an easy and budget-friendly way to log sensor data, the AVR Butterfly Logger provides an intriguing open-source option. Built around Atmel’s AVR Butterfly development board featuring an ATmega169 8-bit AVR microcontroller, this versatile data logger can easily be customized using free tools and code.

Out of the box, the AVR Butterfly Logger comes pre-loaded with firmware to support logging temperature, light, voltage levels, and even music playback. But the real power lies in its expandability – with a little DIY effort, the Butterfly can log data from virtually any analog sensor. Its ATmega169 MCU provides 16KB of flash storage alongside a 16-bit counter and four analog voltage inputs.

Setting up the logger is straightforward using the onboard RS232 bootloader or an ISP programmer like AVRDUDE. The open-source AVR Butterfly Logger software lets you configure logging intervals ranging from ticks to hours. A simple joystick menu system enables on-the-fly adjustments.

Once up and running, the AVR Butterfly can operate completely standalone. Data downloads are equally painless, using any serial terminal program via the built-in RS232 level converter. The versatile logger can be powered over USB or a standard 9V battery.

For squeezing maximal functionality out of minimal hardware, it’s hard to beat the hackability of Atmel’s tiny AVR dev board. Add a regulated power supply and rugged enclosure, and the AVR Butterfly Logger provides an accessible entry point into the world of custom data logging on a tight budget.