SpiffChorder is the ultimate platform for building your own USB-based chording keyboard and customizing it to your exact specifications. With its advanced chord maps and versatile pointing devices, SpiffChorder is the perfect tool for experimentation and customization, allowing you to create a keyboard that perfectly suits your needs and preferences.

Chording into the Future with Open Source Keyboards

For those searching for an alternative to traditional typing, chording keyboards offer a unique method of input using chords rather than individual keys. Two open source projects, SpiffChorder and FeatherChorder, enable hobbyists and developers to build their own customizable chording keyboards.

SpiffChorder: The USB Chording Keyboard

SpiffChorder provides an open source platform for constructing a USB-connected chording keyboard using an Atmega168 microcontroller. It offers schematics, code examples, and a community forum to aid builders in programming and configuring the keyboard. Using C, C++, and Assembly language, developers can create firmware that sends chord presses as USB HID events to a connected computer. This allows the chording keyboard to work as a plug-and-play input device.

The project enables endless customization, allowing users to design their ideal chording keyboard. From key mappings to additional inputs like joysticks, the possibilities are limited only by the builder’s imagination. For those seeking a unique USB chording keyboard, SpiffChorder provides the perfect starting point.

FeatherChorder: The Wireless Wonder

On the other end of the spectrum, FeatherChorder utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy to connect wirelessly to devices. Built on the Adafruit Feather development board, it combines the ease of Bluetooth with the flexibility of an open source build.

While SpiffChorder focuses on a USB wired connection, FeatherChorder’s wireless approach delivers a clean, cable-free chording experience. And like its wired counterpart, the Bluetooth FeatherChorder design can be fully customized as well.

Build Your Own Chording Keyboard

Whether preferring wires or wireless, these open source projects showcase the possibilities of chording keyboards. Turning chord presses into key inputs gives typists an ergonomic and efficient way to write. For those seeking a customizable input device, building a chording keyboard provides a fun, fulfilling DIY adventure.

So grab your soldering iron, load up your coding IDE of choice, and start chording your way to typing bliss. The world of input innovation awaits.